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Ernesto Cruz Ruiz is currently a DAAD Doctoral Research Fellow at the TUM School of Governance (Munich, Germany). He has working experience in the public sector and industry, in related areas to business and investment promotion. In academia, his research agenda focuses on democratic innovations, deliberative, and participatory democracy. He is passionate about enhancing citizen participation in democratic processes such as constitution-making and policy-making.

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Background & Expertise

Ph.D. Research Fellow

October 2017 - on going

Researching citizen participation in democratic process. Working at the intersection between deliberative and participatory democracy. Research agenda focused in the democratic innovations, constitution-making and the interrelationship between democracy and technology

Deputy Director of Promotion and Competitiveness

July 2014 - May 2017

Attract new international and national investment in the industry of the State of Mexico. Encourage reinvestment of established firms. Offer attention to the productive sectors to increase their levels of national-international economic productivity and competitiveness.

Intern/Analyst of Political-economical affairs

February 2013 - August 2013

Reporting, analyzing and reviewing the economic and political relations between Mexico and Germany, both a the governmental and entrepreneurial level. Focus: energy efficiency, ICT, demographic change, innovation and competitiveness.

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Technical University of Munich

October 2017 - on going

Conducting research on the interrelationship between technology and democracy, specifically on the use of internet-based means of communication and information that contribute to make citizens and representatives come together so as to increase government responsiveness and accountability.

University of Osnabrück

October 2011 - October  2013

Occupational Skills Covered: Analysis of political systems, Civil Society, Public policy, and Governance. M.A. Thesis entitled: “Civil society in Japan and Mexico: a model for tracing and comparing its actions within the Public Sphere”. University of Osnabrück (2013).

Autonomous University of the State of Mexico


Occupational Skills Covered: Analysis of world economic system, international competitiveness, and business project management. B.A. Thesis entitled: “Competitiveness of Mexico: Global Competitiveness Report 2007-2009”. Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (2009)

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Above and Beyond

Project Management

A Valuable Skill

Intercultural communication

Raising the Bar

"In quexquichcauh maniz cemanahuac, aic tlamiz, aic polihuiz, in itenyo, in itauhca Mexihco Tenochtitlan"

“En tanto que dure el mundo, no acabará, no perecerá la fama, la gloria de México Tenochtitlan”

"As long as the world lasts, it will not end, the fame will not perish, the glory of Mexico Tenochtitlan"

Tenoch, 1325

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Richard-Wagner-Straße 1 

80333 Munich, Germany 

+49 89 9077 93106 

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